About soulpet connections


It all started when...

Ginny has always been connected to the earth and everything on it. She spent as much time as possible digging in the back yard of her suburban home as a kid, and petting every animal she could get close to. Because she couldn't have pets and animals around her, she drew them. Sketchbooks full of them, primarily horses. The animals have always called to her, with a deep knowingness that we are connected to all things.

Journeys twist and turn, as most of us know, and Ginny began reconnecting with that knowingness again in her adult life. Adopting a more holistic and inclusive lifestyle, Ginny started peeling back the layers of learned conditioning from her experiences in childhood, trauma, and "normal" society. She discovered the power of connecting with all beings, her own natural intuition and instincts as a healer.

The horses finally arrived in Ginny's life in 2006 when she began studying "natural horsemanship." It was the perfect introduction to horses and gave her a deep understanding of these creatures and their "language." Finally acquiring her own horse soul mate, Storm Watch, in 2008, Ginny found herself on a journey with her own horse partner at her side. Storm was, and still is, teaching the perfect lessons to Ginny. His presence and personality have demanded that Ginny step up her game and develop her leadership skills and confidence. She was blessed to find Kirsten Nelsen to help guide them to being a team and true partnership. Together, Ginny and Storm also assisted with Epona workshops teaching people emotional intelligence skills under the guidance of Epona Instructor Anne Steuart from 2009 through 2011.  In 2013 Ginny found animal communicator Joan Ranquet, and joined her professional study program in 2014. Connecting and communicating with animals has been her life ever since.

Ginny brings a unique mix of empathy, and resonance to her work with animals and people. She creates an environment where people can feel safe and supported working on their challenges with their pets. Through her own struggles with her dogs, horse, chinchilla, cats, as well as boarded horses she easily relates to her clients and their challenges, helping to resolve them and bring harmony back to their relationships.