Animal Energy Alchemy Calls

Are you ready to find more peace and harmony with your pet, and everywhere else in your life?

To understand your pet’s needs better, to gain more awareness of your own energy, and to reduce your stress level?

If so, then come join me!

Did you know your thoughts, mood, and energy can have a huge impact on the behavior (and sometimes even the health) of your pet?

In this 90-minute session we’ll work together to pinpoint exact shifts you can make - easily - to shift your pet’s behavior and create a more balanced environment for a harmonious relationship with your furry friend.


Learn how to quickly shift troubling pet behaviors


Identify exact shifts YOU can make to have a more enjoyable and mutually fulfilling relationship with your pet - and create an environment for your pet that fosters calm, self absurdness, and <<peace, ease, relaxation, confidence, balance>>>

You shouldn’t have to feel stressed and anxious every time you take your dog for a walk

You shouldn’t have to put off trips and outings because you’re afraid to get care for your pet

You shouldn’t have to avoid doing certain things with your pet because you fear not just their reaction, but your response, too

Time with your pet should be one of the more enjoyable and rejuvenating parts of your day; if you find yourself feeling stressed, anxious, or feeling guilty about your pet’s behavior - it’s time to make a change!

AND your pet deserves to feel secure, self-assured, and supported - and YOU deserve to know how to cultivate those traits in them.

Your pet’s behavior(s) aren’t just their personality - they directly respond to thoughts, emotions, and energy that can be shifted in YOU.

I created this call to specifically show you HOW

I’m Ginny Branden, an animal communicator and energy healer - and throughout my career, I’ve seen a massive need for pet owners to understand the way their energy effects their furry friends…

AND I’ve seen firsthand the beautiful transformations that can happen when we consciously shift our energy to support out pets.

I recently called upon Ginny’s work for the second time to gain insight into our fighting dogs. I was afraid to have them in the same room together - I was bitten once and dragged to the ground while trying to pull them apart. The energy in our house was hectic, anxious and fearful for all animals and people. We might as well sprinkle some anger in there too. What I love about Ginny’s work is that she not only tunes into your pets to find out about their issues, but she helps you to shift your own energy, which has had a tremendous impact on our particular situation. I walked away with thoughts and ideas about managing our two girls better. Our situation has improved greatly, they are even hanging out in the same room on the same couch together. I feel more confident in being home alone with them and in managing them during our daily activities and movements throughout the house. We’re not out of the woods, but we are far better than we were. Thank you Ginny!
— The Stone Family - Marie, Brian, Roxy & Riley
Roxy &amp; Riley relaxing together

Roxy & Riley relaxing together

Ginny is a serious gem. She helped me to reframe how I look at challenges with one of my animals that really made me appreciate him for his quirks instead of being frustrated by them.
I feel more at peace in my home and now have more understanding of why my animal acts the way he does.
As if that wasn’t enough, I’ve noticed he has calmed down after our session which is amazing!
Ginny is kind, knowledgeable and has a way with people and pets that is remarkable. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone experiencing issues with their animals.
— Sara Wiles

Over the course of 90 minutes we will…


… Tune in to your pet’s needs so you can understand exactly how they feel about their life and favorite things and what to shift to make them more comfortable and satisfied.

…Combine the information from your pet with awareness of your energy and the rest of the household so you can easily support yourself, as well as your pets in finding new, more balanced behaviors.

…Discuss strategies for energy management for the entire household so that you can shift the energy for more peace, harmony, and joy!


…And, in addition to our call, a full week of support via email/messenger is included so that you and your animals can solidify the shifts so they stick, for good!

Imagine if….

Walks with your dog could be easy and pleasurable…

Your cats wanted to spend time cuddling and snuggling…

Your horse met you at the gate, eager to do things together…

Your dog remained calm with visitors in the house…

Fights between animals are a thing of the past…

YOU are responsible for the energy in your home and how it affects your pet - If you know it’s time to make a change, I am SO ready to support you.


Price: $277

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