Dance with a Butterfly

How will you dance with life_.jpg

I've been seeing butterflies EVERYWHERE! They keep crossing my path as I'm driving! Flying right in front of my car, zooming right over the hood. I keep apologizing as I blitz by them, hoping that I haven't disturbed their already erratic flight.


"Ok, ok, sorry, I'll go read the book!"


I finally pulled Animal Speak off my shelf again, my go to for investigating the messages that the animals bring me. 


Thank you, Butterfly, for sending me your beautiful message.


Butterfly is most obviously associated with transformation. Their whole life is a series of complete transformations. Right now as I am so focused on breathing life into the next evolution of my business I can feel the transformation happening. Not only is my business evolving, but I am evolving into my gifts at the same time. It is a slightly uncomfortable process as so much of this feels unknown, even though somehow deep inside there is a knowing. It is one of those processes where not trying enough and trying to hard don't yield any results at all.

But the deeper message that Butterfly is giving me is to dance. Once Butterfly emerges, it simply dances through life, flower to flower, flowing and dipping and turning on the breeze. As I am going through all these changes I need to remember how to dance with them, and dance with life itself. 

How are you dancing with life?

Mary Branden