Animal Communication: What, Why & How

So what is this Animal Communication mumbo jumbo? Is it talking to animals? Are you an animal psychic? What do you mean 'animal communication'? Is it about reading their behavior? How in the world does it work? What's the point??

I get so many questions about what Animal Communication really is, how it works, and what the reason is behind using Animal Communication, and what it can do for pet relationships.

Let's start at the beginning. What is it? Animal Communication is the use of telepathy to connect with an animal. Telepathy is nothing more than the transference of thoughts, images, words, sounds, and even smells from one being to another.

The truth is that we are all connected to everything around us, animals, plants, and even the earth. Everything is a part of a vast network that is all interconnected. Most of our societies have evolved away from staying conscious of this connection, and so we find ourselves isolated and detached, thinking we are each an island on our own. 

Reality is that even when we think we've lost this connection, it is still there and available to every one of us. It requires that we get quiet and learn to connect with our own inner voice, and with practice we can begin to receive information from all the other beings around us, including those that may be far away.

So why does it matter that we communicate with our pets?

Imagine you have a friend that speaks a foreign language. They don't know much English, but you get along ok. You have fun, and spend a lot of time together. But then you meet someone who is fluent in both English, and in your friend's native language. Suddenly you learn things you didn't know about them, only because you didn't have the means to communicate clearly. The two of you previously didn't share a word or expression to convey a specific thought, feeling or emotion. Suddenly a whole new world is opened up, and the two of you are able to connect in a more meaningful way.

This is what animal communication can do for our relationships with our pets. We know them oh-so-well, and are around them daily, but without the specific telepathic connection, we can easily miss details. It isn't intentional, but it happens. Working with an animal communicator gives the animal a clear opportunity to feel completely heard and seen for exactly who they are. It is often even more helpful that the animal communicator doesn't know the animal all that well, because they aren't caught in the current story or pattern of daily life with the pet.  Many animals that I have connected with have released patterns of behavior that have frustrated their owners simply because they felt heard. This is a huge relief for the pet, and the owner!

So how does one communicate with an animal through telepathy?

All that is needed is an image of the animal, and some basic information - the age, breed, gender, and a little information about the other people and animals that share the same household or space. 

With that information, all it takes is getting quiet, and seeking a mental connection with that animal. The first thing I feel is the animal's essence, or personality. How would they react if they were standing in front of me? Would they climb on my lap? Would they smell me? Would they get excited and run around? Whatever I feel is usually confirmed by the owner as their usual response to new people! I introduce myself as I would to a friend of a friend, and begin connecting a little deeper.

We start exploring what their favorite things are. What kind of toys do they like to play with? Where do they like to sleep? Who is their favorite person or animal in the household? How do they feel about how the household runs? What kind of food do they eat? How do they view their role in the household?

These simple things may not seem like much, but to an animal that hasn't been able to clearly and easily communicate these things, it can be a huge relief. I've discovered that these simple aspects of the conversation can go a long way to addressing the stresses and issues that may have initiated the call.

At this point if there is more to explore with the animal, such as behavioral struggles, or challenges that the owner has brought up, we continue on. A "body scan" is performed to check in with how the animal is feeling in its own skin. Often discomforts and ailments can be felt through this connection- the sore, arthritic hips, or the anxiousness felt in the gut.

After the conversation is complete, then all the information that was gathered is discussed with the owner. Sometimes the animals give partial information, or use words or phrases that don't make sense to an outsider, but the connection is made once the conversation is relayed to the owner again. If there are behavioral issues, then the steps to find a solution are discussed. This could be as simple as shifting the mindset around the role the animal has within the household. It could be more extensive and include diet changes, or even Energy Healing work to help release a block or issue. Sometimes, the sheer fact that the animal was able to voice their opinion and be heard is enough to shift behavior without any other changes at all! That's the magic of communicating with animals, and it is my honor to be a voice for them.