Way of the Horse


Years ago I discovered Linda Kohanov's works, including her Way of the Horse deck and essays. It has been a trusted resource ever since! This deck features the amazing art of Kim McElroy on 40 stunning cards. What I love most, though, are the 40 essays that go with each of the cards. Linda has spent a great deal of time working with archetypes, and this deck puts them in context of the horses. Each essay ranges from a few pages to sometimes seven or eight examining the archetype and thoughts around how it applies to our current world and how it might show up in your life. These cards can be used in spreads, but I find it most beneficial to just draw one and consider my situation and how it applies. The essay gives so much juicy information to work with that I don't want to dive into more than one!
If you love working with cards, add this gorgeous deck and essays to your collection today!

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Mary Branden