Is your pet as excited about vacation as you are?


Summer is upon us and the season of vacations is here! Ahh, fresh beach breezes! Cool mountain air! All the adventures await!

But wait! What about your furbaby? Are they coming, too?

As much as I'd love to travel with my pets, sometimes it's not practical. I don't know about you, but I think my cats would appreciate being stuck in the car for 8 hours even less than I do.

Here's a list of tips and ideas to think about when you know you're going to be traveling the routine is going to change.

Tell your pet you're leaving!

Speaking from the heart is the best thing you can do to keep your pet 'in the loop' about your plans and what is to be expected. Be specific as you speak - talk about your plans, and your feelings about your plans (even if you're stressed, especially if you're stressed, don't hide that!). They'll appreciate your heart felt communication, and it will help put everyone at ease.


While you're away - do a check in.

Take a few minutes when you wake up, or before bed, to meditate and think about your pet. Imagine a beautiful pink bubble surrounding them, and then make a cord between your heart and the bubble. Think about sending lots of love through this connection. You can even take a few minutes to think about pictures of what you've done for the day, or where you are.


Spend a little extra time with them before you leave.

This is always my goal, but often times I can get so wrapped up in the preparations that time gets away from me. So block some time to make sure that play time or cuddle time happens before you disappear. Don't leave before you're gone!


Plan fun things while you are away.

If your pet is going to remain at home, buy some extra toys or treats for them. I always have fun new toys stashed for my cats for when the sitter is here, and I make sure that the sitter can spend a little time engaging and playing with them while I'm away. A tired pet is going to be less likely to be anxious.


If your pet will be sent to a boarding facility, send it with some of its favorite things -

toys or blankets - so that it feels connected to you and home. I used to love to wear an old T-shirt for several days before I left town, and then allow my dogs to cuddle it when I was gone. Having familiar smells is very comforting to animals.


Use Essential Oils to create positive associations.

Creating positive smell "memories" is a powerful way to help reduce stress during changes like travel and vacations. Using Essential Oils before you leave can help create comforting smells for when you aren't there. Even having the sitter wear or use the oils can ease an otherwise stressful situation when the dog or cat realizes that the sitter has that 'good stink' about them.


Homeopathy is another natural option.

My favorite go to's are Relax and Tranquil from Dynamite Specialty Products. These two sprays are great for reducing stress in all sorts of situations, whether you're going away, or taking your animal with you.


So here's to fun summer vacations for everyone - your pet included! Safe travels!

Mary Branden